die Kreiselpumpe

About Kreiselmatic

Kreiselmatic is a brand of Technomatic GmbH. Technomatic supplies solutions for automation, plant engineering and infrastructure – since 1989.The development of solutions that enable the operation of plants without downtime has been part of our stated goal since the founding of Technomatic. Over the years, many standards have emerged here that have helped our customers maintain maximum availability. The design and production of pumps also takes place against this background. For example, we can supply very compact centrifugal pumps that are driven without modification of the installation situation with motors of efficiency class IE3.

During operations at constant engine speed Kreiselmatic pumps reach efficiency of up to 60%. With the use of frequency converters the efficiency can be further increased. We deliver centrifugal pumps in the output range of 0,25 to 15 kW. We amend our portfolio with membrane pumps from the Czech manufacturer Tecno-Matic.

Construction and sales are conducted at our headquarters located at Maxdorf, in south-west Germany.

Josef Hasselbach, CEO


Stefan Hasselbach, Deputy Manager