die Kreiselpumpe

Diaphragm Pump Accessories


Ensures smooth start of you pneumatic equipment

Opening the air-supply valve of the AODD pumps causes it to start within milliseconds. This stresses the internals of the pump and can reduce lifetime of moving parts. To avoid problems, minimise maintenance cost and to optimise the function of your equipment we advise our clients to use our soft starter. This is a fully mechanical system that will help the AODD pump to start smooth and performance will rise from 0% to 100% within a short time period minimising the stress on the pump and the moving parts.

Pulsation Dampeners

Effective elimination of pulsations in your pipeline

Our active pulsation dampeners adjust themselves automatically to the conditions of the application for the best possible result. This will guarantee an optimal reduction of pulsations for a smooth flow.


Wide range of valves for your application

We provide a full range of valves. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Air Preparation

Adjusts proper feed of pneumatic equipment by air

This set of accessories gives you the possibility to properly adjust your air operated pumps and pneumatic equipment for best lifetime and minimum of service.

Liquid Level Controllers

Controls the liquid level in the tank

This is an all pneumatic system for controlling the liquid level of the tank. It is perfect for lowering into a tank or pit to pump out the last amount of liquid that the centrifugal pump cannot remove. This can be used for emptying a tank when the level reaches the upper set-point, or to fill up a tank when the level reaches the lower set-point. The system is all automatic and without any need for an electric connection for functioning.

Dry run Protection

Ensures dry running will not appear

A wide range of dry run protecting systems for pneumatic equipment and also electrically driven pumps. The protection is based on principles of pressure peaks, current peaks and temperature monitoring.


Use proper hose for every application

We offer a wide range of special hoses. The hoses are properly selected to handle the fluid that needs to be pumped. We can also provide tailored made products in the desired length and with the connection that meet your needs.

Electrically driven diaphragm pump

Our TM1-E-120 is an ultra-compact unit

Flow: 0,5 -120 l/min
Coupling: 1¼”
Maximal Pressure: 3 bar
Motor: 230/400 V – 50 Hz – 0,75 Kw, with Frequency Converter
Viscosity: bis to 2000 cp
Installation position: arbitrary