die Kreiselpumpe


Type: TM1-125

Thanks to its compact and energy-efficient design, the pump is low-vibration and quiet. The optimal flow control reduces air consumption.


Cost effective in maintenance, lower air consumption
Long service life thanks to flat valve technology


Nominal pressure housing: Standard, PN 7 bar
Connections: 1.25″
Maximal Flow (2 bar): 3.42m³/h
Maximal Head (2 bar): 1.95m
Maximal Flow (4 bar): 5.82m³/h
Maximal Head (4 bar): 3.95m
Maximal Flow(6 bar): 7.2m³/h
Maximal Head (6 bar): 5.95m
Weight: 7kg


Pump Housing Materials: PP, HDPE, PTFE
Membrane Materials: PTFE
Valve Materials: PEEK