die Kreiselpumpe


Type: TM2-550

Made of injected polypropylene parts or CNC machined polyethylene blocks, allow to transport highly corrosive and aggressive fluids. These high-performance pumps do not require the use of other types of energy besides compressed air.


Compressed air diaphragm pumps in solid construction.
Robust, ATEX available.


Nominal pressure housing: Standard, PN 7bar
Connections: 2″
Maximal Flow (2 bar): 12.9m³/h
Maximal Head (2 bar): 1.95m
Maximal Flow (4 bar): 24m³/h
Maximal Head (4 bar): 3.95m
Maximal Flow(6 bar): 33.9m³/h
Maximal Head (6 bar): 5.95m
Weight: 80kg


Pump Housing Materials: PP, HDPE, PTFE
Membrane Materials: Teflon, NBR, Santoprene, EPDM und FKM
Valve Materials: Teflon, NBR, Santoprene, EPDM und FKM